Huge Fountains Soon to Add up to the Beauty of Hussain Sagar Lake

HMDA as a part of 100 day action plan took the responsibility of refurbishing around 25 parks in the city. Installation of fountains which can pump water to a height of 50 feet, at Hussain Sagar is a part of the plan. The works are undertaken by Hussain Sagar lake and Catchment Area Improvement Project, with an aid of Rs.310 crore provided by Japan International Agency Cooperation. The fountains are supposed to be set up by May.

Apart from this, HMDA is considering other improvement works at various parks such as restoration and painting of kerbs, gates, grills, uplifting carpet lawns, construction of toilets, repair of pathways, etc. are being done with a budget of Rs.1.75 crore. The HMDA had also come up with complaint and suggestion boxes at every park, seeking suggestions from common people regarding important plants to be planted in parks.

Source: The Hindu

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One Response to “Huge Fountains Soon to Add up to the Beauty of Hussain Sagar Lake”

  1. Prasad Raju

    Not sure whether this will help purify the water or spread the stench from the lake. It is surprising that this was a source of drinking water. The other day stepped out of Ohri’s on the Necklace road and the wind just bought in bad smell from the lake. I had to quickly walk away from the lake. The water gets more “bottle green” by the year thanks to human waste and industrial effluents. Despite all the help from Japan – Financial, technical etc. thanks to the Buddha Statue. The only positive thing about the lake water in the last 2 decades is that you do not see the water hyacinth plants that used to once cover the lake surface.

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