Power Consumption Increased in the City

According to CPDCL officials, the power consumption in the metro zone is found to be 16.94 million units in the first week of February, which is an increase of 1.3 million units from the last year during the same period. The power consumption which was 24 million units in May last year is expected to be 25 million units this year. In addition to the above increase in usage, the number of connections is also found to be increasing, with 2005 having total 11.54 lakh connections; currently the number is found to be 15.09 lakhs. Most of the lines are found to be overloaded. Apart from the existing substations, new substations at Panjesha, Yakutpura, Durganagar and ESI, have been working, in spite of which the officials are doubtful in meeting the demand of power supply in the core summer.

Source: the Hindu