RuB to Get Ready by March 31st

SCR had announced the completion of 4-lane road under bridge (RuB) between Fatehnagar and Nature Cure Hospital Stations. This was a part of link road project to connect Raj Bhavan road to Balkampet and Fatehnagar, by March 31st. This Rub will provide direct connectivity to the commuters between Begumpet and Fatehnagar, who otherwise are forced to use present route through Begumpet – Green park – Lal bungalow – Sheesha mahal – Balkampet.

The GHMC had provided funds of Rs. 13.48 crore. The bridge will have two vents of 12.8m wide and 6.70m high, each accommodating two lane roads and footpath. All necessary steps are being taken to avoid any interruption to the regular train schedules.

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