GHMC Designs Master Plan for City Roads

6 March 2011: GHMC engineering department has come up with a road inventory and condition survey, inspired by the master plan implemented in Mumbai and Bangalore. The main aim of this plan is to modify the city roads to meet traffic demands up to 20 years. This report is to be submitted by April, 2011. The officials have identified 4,500 Km road network in the city which includes bitumen and cement concrete roads, of which 800-1000 Kms are major road areas. The officials are considering about 200Km major roads, which excludes national highways and building roads for the survey.

The plan will be executed in the form of two reports. The first report will be regarding the requirements of future traffic demands on the selected roads. This report includes pavements, general conditions of the roads, water stagnation points, existing storm water drains, records of road accidents on stretches and location of accidents, MRTS alignment, BRTS and the study of records by GHMC. In addition to this, it will also look into traffic volumes on selected roads, existing city bus routes, existing road width, pavement condition index and widening schemes by town planning wing.

The second report will have a detailed project report (DPR) on the selected roads. This includes traffic volume survey, soil investigations on roads, ducting system, topographical study, roughness measurement survey, buildings and structures on the road, material survey, cables, design of junctions, drainage, pavement and other road improvement plans.

The GHMC has appointed two consultancies in this regard, one dealing with the first report and the other dealing with the second or technical report.

Source: Times of India