Star Hotels to be Graded for Hygiene by GHMC

26 March 2011: The GHMC has decided to give grading to the three and five star hotels in the city, from this financial year, based on their cleanliness maintained in kitchen, quality and freshness of food and storage facilities. The grades will be given by the food inspector who inspects these hotels and also by taking opinions from the representatives of star hotels and experts from NIN. The grades include A plus, A, B and C.

Other low standard hotels will also be inspected but the grading will be done for the star hotels only. These hygiene certificates issued by the GHMC should be displayed in the hotels in the prominent areas where it is easily visible to the customers.

The GHMC also asked the colony welfare associations and civic society organizations to monitor the sanitation activities such as road sweeping, garbage lifting, and maintenance parks among others. The GHMC has said that at the end of each financial year, they will select five best colonies and award the association representatives Rs.15 lakh, with which they can opt for any civic work of their choice for the colony. This best colony award scheme will be effective from April 1. For this the Associations have to submit representations stating their interest.

Source: Deccan Chronicle