Register in INCOIS to get Tsunami and Earthquake Alerts via SMS and E-Mail

13 March 2011: Now everyone can receive the alerts of tsunami and earthquake by registering their email address or phone number with the website, Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services, (, Hyderabad. This center will monitor changes in the sea level at the epicenter and also warns us of the possible threats of tsunami. This center has installed 22 sea level gauges and three bottom pressure recorders along the Indian coast. Of the three bottom pressure recorders, two of them, one in Arabian Sea and the other in Bay of Bengal, were triggered by the Japanese tsunami.

This website has stated that in this year, there were 17 quakes in Indian ocean which were above 6 in magnitude, but fortunately none of them resulted in tsunami. It also stated that Japan’s tsunami will have no effect on Indian ocean. The maximum height of tsunami waves in Indian shores were less than 10cm while they were about 6.5 meters in Japan and it is calculated that the time taken by tsunami waves of Japan to reach Andaman and Nicobar islands was 14 hours.

Source: Deccan Chronicle