Formal Business Attire for Women

Increasing number of women in India are coming into the business sector these days, many of them being ignorant of correct formal attire. Many of them entering the white collar jobs are assuming that business formal dress for women should be captivating and fashion oriented. You need to understand that you should look respectable, not attractive. You should look elegant, not flashy.

If someone looks at a set of women, you should not attract attention first. Then when someone looks again after eliminating all those with attention seeking dress, you should be visible. If everyone else is badly dressed, then also a negative feeling is created first and then people notice the well-dressed lady.

Acceptable Unacceptable
Clothing should be ironed and never wrinkled Torn, dirty, or frayed clothing is unacceptable
Punjabi dresses and saris, preferably cotton. Anything that avoids clinging Short, tight skirts, jeans with fancy tops, miniskirts etc.
Plain or simple designs on the dress. Not having flashy material – too much shiny colors. More subdued, even for dark colors Different designs, symbols, embroidery or heavy work
Normal hair plants are allowed Different hair styles, loose hair are not allowed
Normal make up. Should convey elegance and respectability Excessive make-up, flowers, heavy jewelry, long dangling earrings, jingling bracelets, or statement necklaces
Mangalasutram, foot rings, are acceptable Couple of Sindhoors. Anklets

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