Hyderabad City Kids Need to Show More Substance, Ambition and be Champion Performers

City kids, we refer here, are those living in core Hyderabadi areas, whose backgrounds not only ensured a good school and college education, but also better access to entertainment of all kinds, healthcare and other things required for a comfortable living. In spite of having all good facilities and opportunities, many of them are getting into decaying lifestyle.

The quality of education, resources they have and more importantly the cosmopolitan nature of the city gives the kids great exposure and an opportunity to be mature and sensible. But they are setting too low standards for themselves. Many of the city kids today lack ambition. They are sitting on the fence unable to choose the right career path, not aspiring to become better or to succeed anywhere or anyway.

City kids are losing dignity of labor. Day by day they are becoming more pleasure seeking and focusing more on fancy and dysfunctional things. This attitude is being reflected in selection of their jobs as more and more individuals are opting for jobs which involve repetitive tasks such as software instead of choosing fields which require creative and critical thinking.

Another most important concern about city kids these days is that they are hampered of the capability of taking risks. They are not taking risks to do difficult things well. They are not coming out of their comfort zones and are not exploiting the opportunities they have. On a good batting pitch, they are scoring low as a team. They need to understand that ultimately respect is important in life and it can be achieved only through performance.

On the other hand, small numbers of ambitious kids are migrating to city from rural areas or small towns in search of good education and jobs. They are deprived of all the facilities enjoyed by city kids but they have a drive, urge and commitment to succeed as they have landed away from comfort.

This rural migrant youth often follow city kids assuming the latter are more capable. Coping up with the city’s culture initially is definitely not their cup of tea. Therefore they tend to look for guidance and look up to the city lads. However, in many instances, very quickly they realize that most of the city kids are not having the same level of commitment as themselves and lose respect for them as people of substance. This is something that city kids should not allow. It is time the city kids realize the need to reach their potential by aiming higher and focusing on doing good and difficult things.

For several centuries, Hyderabad has been the stage for dynamic economic growth and as well as of daring social and political reforms. Since city kids have seen all these things, we believe that they are full of creativity, energy, as well as practical and localized knowledge. They just need to understand that they should not settle for small things. They need to develop their resourcefulness, improve problem-solving skills, develop critical consciousness and feel a greater sense of purpose and concern to do their role in keeping the city vibrant.

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