Database to Prevent Illegal Registration of Government Lands

7 April 2011: In order to stop encroachments of government lands by private parties, who are claiming ownerships and registering the lands on their names, the revenue officials have created a database which consists of all the house and survey numbers. This data will help the Stamps and Registration Department to bar the applications which request for registration of these government lands. In case of these lands being sold further by these parties, the buyers will be warned.

As the registrations in Hyderabad are done using house numbers instead of survey numbers, the land grabbers are assigning fictitious house numbers to these lands and providing wrong electricity bills, as a proof of ownership. Therefore, GHMC has collected all the house numbers across the city through Geo-referencing system, in 2009-10. The data has been already prepared for the Ameerpet and Golconda mandals and the field inspection is being conducted by district officials, to verify the data.

Source: Indian Express