Internet – the Best Aid to Prevent Poverty in India: Tim Berners-Lee

Internet in India is showing signs of being rapidly adopted by the majority of the people. The number of PCs and laptops maybe less but smart phones maybe the direction for accessing Internet in India. Due to the large size of the Indian market, India is attracting the attention of major player in the world whose products and services are connected with the Internet

ad serversThe inventor of World Wide Web (WWW), Tim Berners-Lee had viewed that the poverty that is existing in India can be eliminated through educating, empowering and employing the poor population, with the help of Internet. He further said that developing infrastructure in the rural areas by improving the connectivity, with the help of 3G, 4G and Internet, will reduce the burden on urban areas and provide equal opportunities in their native areas. The major defect of Internet, lack of privacy, in his opinion is a major concern and said right attempts have to be taken in this regard.

He opined that maintaining neutrality will help everyone share the same information. He opposed the curbs on people’s right to information and opined that the Government should provide every information to the people.