Radar Guns to Keep a Check on Road Deaths

28 March 2011: The AP police have come up with new radar guns called ProVida 2000, as a safety measure to check the mishaps on major roads. They will be installed on the police vehicles stationed on the roads. These guns can instantly take the photo of the speeding vehicle, the speed at which it is traveling and transmits the same to the nearest police station. The police are also using handheld vehicle detecting radar guns. These guns are already in use in countries like U.S, U.K and Indian states like Maharashtra, Haryana and Tamilnadu.

The state has a very bad record when it comes to controlling of road mishaps in the country. The state accounts for only 6% of the total road length of the country but contributes to 12% of the total deaths on the country wide roads. The national average on road deaths is 20 deaths for 10,000 vehicles but in AP it is 24 deaths for 10,000 vehicles.

Among the districts in AP, road deaths (in 2009) were high in Warangal (1,126). Cyberabad was in the second position with 1,084 road deaths. Hyderabad had the least number of deaths (481).

Source: Times of India