AP Reports High Number of Cases of Discrimination Against HIV+ Children in Schools

11 May 2011: According to a press release by AP media forum after a state-level consultation on ‘Stigma and Discrimination Against Vulnerable Children in School Settings’, Andhra Pradesh tops in the list of states, where more number of cases were reported on discrimination and stigma against the HIV affected children in educational institutions, during the period 2005 to 2010.

Of the total of 42 cases reported nationwide, 9 were from Andhra Pradesh only. Maharashtra and West Bengal reported 8 cases each. These cases increased rapidly during the year, 2009 – 2010, accounting for 43 percent of the total. The report also noticed that the passage of the Right to Education Act has no effect on increase of these cases. 6 of the incidents reported came after the Act was introduced.

Majority of the discrimination cases were reported from villages and blocks, while towns and cities also have their share. Around 69% of the cases were reported from in Government Schools, but in 2010, it was seen that both Government and private schools share the same number of incidents. Primary school children were found to be most affected by this discrimination.

The officials have stated that necessary resolutions will be made to protect child rights as per the RTE Act and necessary publicity will be given for the Act.

Source: The Hindu