So You Wanna Be a Manager…………

Thinking about Management School because your relative/neighbor is a Manager? Think Again…………

First of all, what is it about your relative/neighbor the manager that makes you want to follow him into his profession? Is it the money? The prestige? Do you even know whether this person is happy practicing management? Have you asked him lately? More importantly, have you ever followed this person through a typical day – or even better, a typical week? Ever asked this person what he likes least about being a manager, or about how much time he spends in office compared to how much time he spends reading books? Ever asked how long it took him to become a manager from management trainee, or how many hours a week he had to work on the job to become capable enough to manage a team?

These are revealing questions that may help you explore a career in management more realistically. Ask them before you romanticize your relative, the Manager.

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