Painful to See Migrants to Hyderabad with Mercenary Attitudes

If you were to ask people in Hyderabad from smaller towns, villages or cities, why they came to Hyderabad, the standard reply is “there are more job opportunities/better paying jobs in Hyderabad than in my town or village.” Then when you ask them what else they like about Hyderabad, they say “nothing else, otherwise my hometown or region is much better”. But when asked about creating that opportunity in their hometown, many of them say that it is much easier and lower risk to leverage the existing opportunities in Hyderabad than work on creating the opportunities in their hometown. It is very sad to see such misguided and bad attitude among otherwise bright and educated youngsters.

Are you one from those coming to Hyderabad assuming “Hyderabad is all about money” and “I am here to exploit the existing thing to its fullest”? If you come with this kind of attitude to rape the existing system, then you are no better than Ghori or Nadeer Shah, who came to plunder and occupy India causing untold misery to the Indian population.

Hyderabad is not only about money or opportunities
There are many other things that make Hyderabad a solid destination to get settle down including its cosmopolitan nature, better civilization (non-feudalistic and non-castist people), better quality of life, better culture etc. One can taste various cuisines; watch good movies in Hindi/Telugu/English that are screened in theatres with good crowd, jobs with better work profile, good educational institutions and many more. Ask anything a good city offers, you will get it here at Hyderabad.

Make no mistake 99% of Hyderabadies are migrants. There are some who came in a few centuries back and some who came in a few decades back and are part of Hyderabadi culture. Hyderabad is welcome for all, but there are some expectations. Hyderabadies are proud of their city and many don’t settle down in other cities. All they expect you to do is add value to the existing system. Read through the story to know the attitude of a good migrant.

Be a good migrant
Many centuries ago, Parsis migrated to western part of India (now Gujarat). They wanted to settle in the new land but the local king (Jadi Rana) was reluctant to give shelter to them as his land could not support more people. To explain this to them in simple terms, he stated that his land could not hold any more people by sending their leader a cup full of milk as if to signify even one more drop will lead to overflow.

Parsi leaders took the cup and poured a handful of sugar and said, just like this sugar, which not only got well-blended with the milk but also made the milk sweeter, we will become one of you. Impressed by their gesture, the king gave them refuge in Sanjan (Gujarat). As good migrants, Parsis adapted the Gujarati culture. They were smart to adopt the dress of the locals. Even today, only Gujaratis and parsis wear the saree pallu to the right side. In order to prevent conflicts, they promised not to own agricultural land and figured out a way to add value to the kingdom. Most of them went into trading/business. They speak Gujarati and follow many Gujarati customs.

Mercenary attitude
Mercenary is a person hired to fight for a foreign country. He will be ready to work for anybody, even for the bad reasons. He just focuses on money. In contrast, a soldier works for his own country. More than money, he will be interested in serving his own country. Similarly, you need to come with good mindset. Even strangers welcome good people, while mercenary attitude is obviously not appreciated.

Have you ever wondered why people do not come to your hometown? Why offshore centers are not a big hit in your native place? It may not be because of land infrastructure – roads, railway stations, buildings, apartments etc. For a fast developing country with rapidly rising tax revenues, such infrastructure can be built in a year or two. If such things are easy to create, then why is the difference? Remember, Hyderabad has a great culture, values and makes migrants feel welcome. If they change, it is no longer a ‘City’ – it will become like your home town.

If you are getting a job, the city need not be thankful to you. No region of the country (not even AP) accounts for more than 40% of jobs in Hyderabad. From North East Calcutta to Eastern UP, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Eastern Maharashtra and all parts of AP prefer Hyderabad if they want to look outside their home town for better opportunities. The opportunities are good and it is an easier commute to their hometown compared to Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. It is also probably the most welcoming of all these cities.

What would happen to your career if you had to live your entire life at your home town? How much career progress could you make? Remember, there is too much wasted talent for lack of opportunity. So, instead of being egoistical, be thankful for getting an opportunity to work in a city close to your hometown. So you can easily go and see family and they can also easily see you.