World’s Most Wanted Terrorist Osama Bin Laden Dead

The U.S president has announced officially that the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks in 2001 in America, Osama Bin Laden, died in a firefight at a hideout in Abbotabad in Pakistan. In these ten years, the U.S government has declared him as the most wanted terrorist and has launched a global war on terrorism, focusing on Afghanistan and then Iraq. This terrorist had a bounty of $50 million on his head. The above incident took place at night when Laden was present in his luxurious hide out with few other associates. The CIA has tracked this location and along with troops from Navy SEAL Team (top military counter terrorism unit), flew to the hideout in four helicopters. In this encounter the guards of Laden counter attacked the U.S troops, but finally were shot by the troops. Along with Laden, three others, including one of Laden’s son and his wife were dead.

Source: Times of India, IBN live