The Rate of Accidents in the City Comes Down

25 May 2011: Recently, ‘Hindu’ newspaper has stated that, the number of deaths, accidents and road injuries in the city has decreased enormously this year, when compared to previous two years. In the present year, the deaths recorded due to road accidents were 147, which was 154 previous year, for the same period. This decrease brings hope that there will be further decrease in the deaths, by the end of the year.

Even the number of accidents was also brought down from 985 in 2009 to 923 in 2010 to 887 in the current year. Similarly, the number of injured persons in road accidents too decreased 903 in the previous year to 851 currently.

Stern actions against drunken drivers, enforcement of rules, like not crossing stop lines, issuing of challans for jumping the signals, are the factors which have resulted in this decrease in rate of accident deaths. The Traffic police, in an attempt to further bring down the accident rates, are taking up some measures such as, pasting radium stickers along and at the starting of the dividers, laying medians on roads and discouraging people from driving in wrong routes.

Source: Hindu