Traffic Police to Crack Whip on Vehicles with Fancy and High beam Headlights

23 May 2011: The traffic police and Transport department officials have stated that using high beam headlights and fancy lights by the two or four wheelers is against the Motor Vehicles Act and the vehicle owners installing them will be seriously punished.

They said that many accidents during nights, especially between 10.00 p.m. and 4.00 a.m. were taking place due to these high intensity lights. This is because these high intensity headlights blind the riders approaching from the opposite direction and are forcing them to either slow down or apply sudden breaks leading to accidents.

Apart from these fancy headlights, the other reasons for road mishaps during nights are lack of proper reflectors on dividers and incorrect paintings on dividers. This is letting the motorists to get confused in spotting the dividers due to poor visibility. In reaction to these increased number of accidents, the transport officials said that they will also act tough on these motorists who are installing fancy headlights. They said that vehicles with fancy headlights will not be given registration numbers. Registration numbers to both, two and four wheelers are given only after thorough checking of headlights, engine capacity, brakes and others, but the motorist are installing these extra fancy equipment after obtaining the registration numbers, which is leading to lack of control over the accidents.

Source: Express Buzz