Water Board to Increase Tariff for Commercial Consumers

23 May 2011: The HMWS&SB is planning to increase water tariff for commercial or non-domestic consumers. This step is taken in order to save the water board from the financial crisis. The water board is at present suffering from a monthly net revenue deficit of Rs. 16 crore and the accumulated revenue deficit of Rs. 113 crore. The last time the board revised its tariff was in 2005. The present revised tariff for commercial users is as follows: Rs.20 for the supply of 0 to 15 KL per month, Rs.35 for 16 to 100 KL per month, Rs. 45 for 101 to 200 KL per month. In addition to the tariff the board will also collect 35% cess charges from the non-domestic consumers. At present the water board has 21,661 commercial consumers and nearly 50,000 more premises are going to be converted from domestic to commercial category.

Source: Times of India