Climatic Conditions in Hyderabad

Know about the climatic conditions in advance if you are planning to visit Hyderabad in India. Hyderabad city is known to have the best climatic conditions in India. Every season has its full-fledged effect in this area. Though you can visit Hyderabad anytime, there are few seasons in the year at which the city looks at its best and most importantly the visitor can have the most memorable experience of his/her life.

Climatic conditions
Hyderabad is the capital city of Telangana State and is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in India. Hyderabad city has a moderate climate throughout the year. It has a unique combination of tropical wet and dry climate that borders on a hot dry climate. The climate is pleasant between October and February. March to May months can be uncomfortable due to heavy heat. In the period of July to September, the weather is warm and humid, which is mostly uncomfortable.

Summer season
Hyderabad can get really hot during the months of March – May and one can see temperature moving up to 45 Degree Celsius in this season. The temperature of Hyderabad ranges between 40 Degree Celsius and 45 Degree Celsius during summers. Evenings are usually pleasant and the temperature usually drops down to 25-30 Degree Celsius in the nighttime.

Rainy season
In the rainy season, the climate of Hyderabad remains fairly warm through most parts of the year and does not see much rainfall in monsoon. The monsoons are from June to September after which the weather becomes very pleasant. Around 80 to 90 centimeters of average rainfall can be seen in Hyderabad in Monsoons. After a really hot summer, the temperature normally cools down during rainy season. Thus, for most parts of the year the weather and climate of Hyderabad remains fairly moderate. Hyderabad witnesses cyclonic depressions every now and then due to the low-pressure trough forming over the plateau.

Winter season
The winter season in Hyderabad starts from November and extends up to February. Hyderabad does not experience harsh winters. Hyderabad becomes moderately cool towards the end of the year. In the winter season, the maximum temperature remains at 22 Degree Celsius to 25 Degree Celsius and the minimum temperature can go down till 12 Degree Celsius. The mean minimum temperature is 12 to 17 Degree Celsius during the period of December – January. The minimum temperature falls rapidly after October and less than 10°C can be recorded on individual days.

Half of the sky is covered with clouds in the period June to October and only about 25% of the sky is clouded from January to March. From July to August, half of the days will have clouded skies. The skies are free from clouds in clear weather about 10 to 13 days in the months of January, February and March.

In the period of July and September, humidity is very high exceeding 75% due to monsoon. Humidity will be low with an average of 25% to 30% in dry months of March, April and May.

You can visit the Hyderabad city anytime of the year but the best season to visit Hyderabad is between October and February. During this period, the weather will be pleasant and ideal for sightseeing.

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