Conglomerates that Have Failed – Career Planning Lessons – Big Companies Not Best Places to Start or Grow Your Career

Many job seekers believe that big companies are better than small companies as they go by the appearance of quality and illusion of expertise over the real performance. Going by the virtue of their size, many people wrongly assume that big companies always succeed in their business. Some big companies (conglomerates) have different product lines; they succeed in one segment and fail in many others.

Conglomerate is a company which is engaged in two or more entirely different business. Often conglomerates are big companies with one corporate structure. Many job seekers blindly join in another business of a big company that has succeeded in a different industry. If you are one of them, hold on for a moment. This article may help you think again as there are many big companies that failed in some segments.

Suzuki is number one in car segment. It has nearly 50% share in car market. Many people are satisfied with Suzuki four wheelers because the technology is good. When it comes to bike section, Suzuki failed. Though Suzuki is respected for its fuel efficiency, quality, knowledge of Indian market, it is unable to replicate its car success in motorcycles.

Mahindra is similar to Suzuki. Mahindra succeeded in jeep and tractor segment but failed in bike segment. Mahindra bikes are not much popular. Many people don’t even know the names of these bikes. Not even one bike got popular.

Nokia is number one manufacturer of mobile devices and in covering Internet and communications industries in 120 countries. Many people know that Nokia is a good company. But it failed in smartphone operating system, Symbian OS. There are 4 versions released by Nokia. Every smartphone company criticized the performance of Symbian’s default web browser and recommended the alternative browser Opera Mobile. Finally, a few months back Nokia accepted total failure in producing smartphone operating system. Nokia is tying up with Microsoft to produce operating system for their smartphones.

Reliance Industries succeeded in many segments. Reliance succeeded with mobile services even though they entered late. They have almost 20% of the market share (second position in Indian mobile services). With a good financial background they started Reliance Fresh and petrol pump distribution business. But these businesses are struggling to survive in the market today.

Do you want to be part of this kind of companies, which pop up because of the reputation of the group/parent company? Remember, there will be a constant fear of losing job. You can’t simplistically think that all sections of big companies are good as it could ruin your career. You better join a company that is performing well and has the capabilities to adapt and overcome the challenges in its industry.

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