New Traffic Restrictions at Major Junctions in the City

3 Jun 11: To avoid traffic jams at major junctions and routes of the city, the traffic police have imposed new restrictions for vehicles.

According to these new restrictions, the right turn at the Punjagutta junction has been banned by the traffic police. From now, the vehicles coming towards Khairthabad from Nagarjuna circle, should turn right at the newly created ‘U’ turn at the Venkat Plaza complex, under the Punjagutta ‘Y’ flyover. Also the commuters coming from Ameerpet towards Nagarjuna circle must take left at the junction and turn right at the same ‘U’ junction. For the commuters traveling from Somajiguda to Ameerpet circle, should go straight towards Nagarjuna circle, then should take ‘U’ turn near Bata showroom and the vehicles going from NIMS to Somajiguda circle should go straight after the junction and should take ‘U’ turn near Punjagutta Government High School.

New restrictions were also laid at Secunderabad YMCA junction. According to these new restrictions, the vehicles going from West Marredpally to St.John’s Rotary should take left at H.P. Petrol pump. The vehicles coming from W.Marredpally are restricted to proceed towards Clock tower or Garden Hotel or turn right towards SBH cross roads. If you want to reach above three destinations, you need to turn right towards the lane between Ganesh temple and St.Andrew’s church before turning left towards YMCA. The vehicles are also not permitted to go from YMCA to W.Marredpally via Ganesh temple road. Instead they have to take left at YMCA towards Sweekar Upkaar junction then turn right to take the road between St. Andrews Church and Ganesh Temple. The vehicles intending to go from Sweekar Upkaar junction to St. John’s Rotary via Cantonment Park should turn left and take the lane beside the Ganesh Temple and then turn right to proceed further.

Source: The Hindu