Uppal RTO Comes Up With RFID Sensor Test Track

8 Jun 11: The first RFID sensor enabled testing track is now thrown open for use at Uppal RTO. This hi-tech driving test system will help in conducting foolproof test for applicants. The applicant should drive on the tract laid out in three shapes – eight, H and reverse and straight tracks on which RFID sensors are installed. The applicant has to drive in all these tracks without any mistakes and deviations within a time limit of 9 minutes.

An RFID antenna will be fixed to the applicant’s vehicle. When the applicant starts driving on the track, the magnetic sensor captures signals and transmits them to the computer, which will analyze the pattern of driving with the help of the signals received and issues performance report after the test.

Marks are given to the applicants only after completing the whole test in nine minutes, and if anyone fails to drive on these tracks within the limited time, they are failed in the test.

There are only two tracks in Uppal RTO, of which only one track is RFID sensor enabled. Every day, on an average 68 slots are allotted for applicants to take tests on each track. While allotting slots to the applicants, priority will be given to RFID sensor enabled track than normal track.

Source: The Hindu