City to get one of the Best Amateur Public Observatories in the Country

23 Jul 11: Birla Science Center is setting up a public observatory named G.P.Birla Observatory, which is being considered as one of the best public observatories in the country for amateurs. The construction work of this observatory is almost completed and the officials are planning to open it to public in the next three months.

The telescope which is to housed by the observatory has already arrived. The science center has signed an agreement with Paris based Uranoscope de France and has acquired a powerful C-11 telescope which is equipped with latest technology, charge couple device and computer projection system.

The Science center has also tied the same Paris based company to set up a research observatory. As the observatory for researchers is required to be set up in a different environment away from the city, the science center will start searching for the right location after the ongoing works of the present observatory comes to an end.

Source: The Hindu