Now Main Roads in the City to be Free from Mobile Vending

29 Jul 11: GHMC has announced that as a part of a special drive, mobile vending and stationary businesses on the main roads (red zones) in all the 18 circles of the city will be taken off. This is being done in order to enable free movement of vehicular traffic on roads and also free movement of pedestrians on footpath. Apart from the above action, action will also be taken against commercial complexes which have no or inadequate parking space or which have used the available parking space for some other purposes. Even the commercial buildings which have constructed extra floors after obtaining Occupancy Certificates (OC’s) will also be demolished one by one.

As per the government policies on vending areas and the directions given by Lok Ayukta and High Court, the hawkers will be allowed to conduct their business activities on the side roads or lanes, in amber zones (regulated timings/days) and green zones. GHMC will also not allow the construction of permanent structures in these red zones to conduct stationary businesses or establishing of fruit or vegetable shops.

As a part of measures taken to improve footpaths, a pedestrian division has been set up to redesign the footpaths so as to ensure that they are at least 6 to 10ft wide. GHMC has already suggested BSNL and CPDCL to relocate their respective equipment wherever needed. Private telecom, cable and Internet operators have been told to remove their hanging wires on the roads and put them in to a common duct at their own expense. Road improvement measures are also being taken up to make them obstruction free. The roads will be constructed at a stretch of 100 km and will be extended up to 300 km. All the 18 major junctions will also be improved at a cost of Rs.50 crore as a part of this project.

Source: The Hindu