Flyovers in the City to be More Safe

28 Jul 11: Keeping in view the increasing number of accidents on flyovers, GHMC in association with city’s traffic department has decided to fix glow studs and cat eyes on flyovers and approach roads leading to them.

It was found that most of the accidents took place while motorists were trying to take ‘U’ turn on flyovers. Most of the motorists were also found to crash in to median at the start of the flyover. Therefore, the officials have decided to put concrete sleepers all along the stretch of the flyovers, as continuous road dividers are not possible on a flyover. The dark spots are not making the road boundaries visible to commuters, leading to further more mishaps.

Of the Rs. 1.63 crore sanctioned for taking up these traffic safety measures, Rs. 7.5 lakh has already been used to set up concrete blocks on entire stretch of Masab Tank flyover, making it the first flyover in the city to have a divider through out its length. The remaining Rs. 138 lakh will be used to put concrete blocks on the remaining flyovers like Tarnaka, YMCA, Narayanguda, Telugu Talli, Basheerbagh and CTO. Glow studs will also put up for 3,000 odd metrics including the junctions.

Source: The Hindu