Negligence Causes Threat to About 100 Heritage Structures in the City

30 Jul 11: According to the state archeology department and INTACH about 100 old heritage structures in the city are on the verge of collapse due to negligence and lack of conservation by archeology department. Majority of these monuments are either about 100 years old, some even date back to 200 years old and some even more than that. Though the orders were issued by the High Court in 2009, the state archeology department has not showed any kind of interest in protecting these monuments.

Very recently a portion of 400 year old Badshahi Ashoorkhana has collapsed due to negligence of officials. The court has ordered the state archeology department to take up the conservation practices but the department has done nothing to the structure apart from evicting the encroachers. Along with this monument the court also ordered the department to take up restoration works of Lady Hydari Club, Maula Ali Kaman and Gandhi Hospital. Except for Gandhi Hospital the other monuments were left untouched by the officials.

Among city’s monuments, the most neglected ones are 104 year old Nizamia observatory, Moula Ali Kaman, Old Jail Khana in Monda Market, some parts of Golconda Fort, Erramanzil, Mahbub Mansion, Badi Chowdi police station and Old Municipal Building.

The conservationists and heritage experts say that if the conservation works are started at least now, the heritage structures will remain intact till few decades to come. The conservation of the heritage structures is a three step process which includes removal of encroachments, immediate repairs to prevent the monument from falling and three year long restoration works. By following all the three steps without any fail, the archeology department can ensure preservation of our glorious heritage structures.

Source: Times of India

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