UK Companies Withdrawing Their Call Centers from India

8 Jul 11: After the UK company, New Call Telecom has withdrawn outsourcing of call center activities from India, now its the turn of major UK bank, Santander to revert its call center. These firms have quoted increasing operating costs as the reason for taking back their outsourcing from India.

They said that there is a large difference in the costs involved in establishing a call center in India and in UK. The increasing real estate rates and salaries have made India a less attractive option for call centers. Comparatively UK had much cheaper commercial rents and labor costs. As specified by the firms, the average handling time of a customer in UK is only three minutes, whereas in India it is four minutes. Therefore, by offering customer care services from UK the firms can save by reducing the head count. Apart from the above stated reasons, the customers in UK are found comfortable to deal with British staff rather with foreign staff.

Source: Financial Express

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