Deaths Due to Non Communicable Diseases Growing in India

24 Aug 11: The increased influence of the western habits and the corporate lifestyle is taking a toll on Indians health. As per the latest reports released by World health Organization (WHO), there has been a heavy shift in the India’s disease pattern. The number of people dying due to lifestyle related diseases has increased in the recent past. These diseases range from cardiovascular diseases to diabetes, cancers, respiratory diseases and various problems related to mental health like stress, depression, etc.

Currently, it is found that 8 out of 10 deaths in urban areas and 6 out of 10 deaths in rural areas are due to non-communicable diseases (NCD’s). Apart from this, in India it is found that 5.1 crore people are suffering from diabetics, standing second to the China’s diabetic population. If effective measures are not taken, the diabetic population in the country is expected to increase to 8 crore by 2030. Further, 3.8 crore people are found to be suffering from cardiovascular diseases and this number is expected to go up to 6.4 crore by 2015.

It is also found that 60% of the deaths worldwide are caused due to NCD’s and it is also the same percentage in India alone. In the overall south east Asian region, the deaths due to NCD’s have a seen a growth of 21% and the rate of infectious diseases have fallen by 17%. It is also projected that by 2020 the total number of NCD deaths in this region will be 10.4 million.

In the view of this alarming situation the central government has called in for urgent action to control the increasing number of deaths in India due to NCD’s which account for two third’s of the country’s total disease burden. The 12th plan period starting from 2012 will contain a comprehensive national health program to control and prevent the NCD’s. The government will focus on prevention of exposure to risk factors, health promotion, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for NCD’s.

Even UN is taking measures to control this NCD’s menace. After the summit conducted to control HIV in 2001, now UN is again conducting a summit to control this NCD menace.

Source: Times of India