Hackers from China Target Major Organizations Including Government of India

03 Aug 11: World’s biggest series of hacking attacks which targets the networks of governments and defense organizations all across the world has found its roots in China. The hackers from China are involved in massive transfer of intellectual property ever occurred in history, which may lead to frightening economic threat.

McAfee has released a report on this incident which said that, cyber snooping which was going on since several years has targeted 72 major organizations across the world, which includes government of India, US, Vietnam, South Korea, ASEAN, World Anti-Doping Agecy, IOC, 12 US defense companies involved in making of top secret futuristic weapon systems, UN secretariat in Geneva and US department Energy Lab. Further, the report said that the intruders have sought data on US military system and satellite communication.

McAfee officials are shocked with the discovery of this incident. They have listed these 72 organizations which are under investigations by law enforcement agencies all over the world. McAfee has named this whole operation of uncovering the plot as ‘Operation Shady RAT’.

Source: Indian Express