Reaching Hyderabad Traffic Police Online

4 Aug 11: In order to keep the youth and general public aware of the various traffic enforcements and to educate them about various traffic initiatives, the Hyderabad traffic police has launched its page on Facebook. Motorists and pedestrians can also post any problems such as bad roads, traffic snarls or any other issues and can also give suggestions to improve the conditions. They can also upload pictures of traffic violations. The traffic police will respond to these queries, problems and suggestions and take necessary actions.

The site is maintained by traffic police and Omnipolis Hotline Services. They people will continuously monitor the site, respond to the posts by citizens immediately and also post any traffic related alerts time to time.

A free SMS alert service called SMS Gupshup has also been launched by the traffic police to alert the commuters about the traffic jams, live updates and suggest alternate routes. To enjoy this SMS service, one has to send an SMS, ‘JOIN” to 09219592195 and to deactivate the SMS service, one has to send SMS, ‘LEAVE’ to 09219592195. the group name for Hyderabad city is ‘HYDPOL’. Mobile users who have activated the ‘Do Not Disturb’ service cannot use this traffic alert service.

Source: Express Buzz