IICT Develops Reduced Calorie Fat Oil

4 Aug 11: Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) in the city has developed new cooking oil which has the lowest calorie content among all the cooking oils present in the market today. This reduced calorie fat oil is a combination of sunflower and rice bran oil and has a calorie content of only 56 calories per 10 gms, when compared to other healthy edible oils present in the market which contains 90 calories in 10 gms.

This new oil has already obtained Indian patent and also won US patent recently. The researchers said that this new technology of producing low calorie fat oil will be transferred to industry for commercial exploitation. The Center Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) has also carried out toxicity studies on this oil and found it to be safe.

IICT has also developed various technologies to produce oil from rice bran in the past. These technologies were transferred to 27 companies in nine states. This rice bran oil has several nutritional values and is called as ‘heart oil’.

Source: Times of India