Significant Number of Indian Employees Using Internet at Workplace for Personal Use

08 Aug 11: A recent survey conducted by on 22,658 employees and 3,269 hiring managers and senior employees belonging to India, Middle East and Singapore has revealed that 59 percent of the Indian employees in the survey were found using Internet at workplace for personal purposes. It is also found that among the various factors online shopping and share trading are affecting the companies’ productivity a lot.

Ad servingIt is found that 32 percent of the employees spent 12-14 hours per week on Internet for online trading. 29% of the employees spent 11-12 hours per week on online shopping and another 21 percent spent 7-8 hours per week on online holiday shopping. Further, 42 percent of the employees surveyed have social networking profiles. Of them 57 percent spend more than one hour a day at work on their profile page, whereas, 12 percent spend less than one hour.

The employers are of the opinion that using Internet at workplace for personal activities negatively impacts productivity and work culture. 83 percent of the hiring managers have said that using Internet at workplace for non-work related activities is spoiling the relationship between the employers and the employees. 62 percent of the senior employees have said that they monitor their employees Internet usage as compared to 49 percent in Middle East and 77 percent in Singapore. The employers have suggested that employees should keep in mind the Internet policies of the organization and should limit their shopping and other non-work related activities to lunch and break hours.

Source: The Hindu