Government Imposes New Security Rules for Cyber Cafe Industry

The cyber cafes being the prominent industry providing Internet connectivity to 37 percent of country’s Internet users is now under scrutiny by the central government. The central government has made it mandatory for the cyber cafe industry to follow few security measures which are included in the IT (Guidelines for Cyber Cafe) Rules, 2011.

As per these guidelines, the cyber cafe owners have to check for customers’ identity proofs which may include school or college ID, Voter ID, driving license, PAN card or any identity issued by the government agencies which includes UID number before allowing them to use the cafe.

The state governments are also required to set up an official agency for the purpose of cyber cafe registration. All cyber cafes are required to register at this agency. The cafes are also required to store their customers and other data digitally. They have to display boards at their cafes stating that downloading or copying of any pornographic content or any information that is prohibited under the law is not permitted.

All the above said measures are been taken to curb the cybercrime menace in the country. As cyber cafes are becoming the main source for these illegal activities, these rules will enable the cyber cafes to run smoothly.

Source: The Hindu