Traffic Violators to be Charged with Hefty Penalties

19 Aug 11: The state government has highly increased the penalties on motorists who violate the traffic rules as per the GO 108. If the motorists are caught doing various activities such as, talking in mobile while driving or jumping signal will be fined Rs.1,000. Even the motorists who are caught driving in wrong direction or doing wrong parking will also be fined Rs.1,000 as against previous charges of Rs.50 to 200. Motorists caught without possessing insurance certificate will be slapped Rs.1,000 as against Rs.300 previously.

Further, any motorist found driving without registration or without renewal of registration or without fitness certificate will be charged between Rs.2,000 to Rs.5,000. And the persons who are found racing will be fined Rs.500 .

The hiked charges were as per the GO and were mainly done for those offenses which directly affect other motorists.

Source: Times of India