Tariff for Drinking Water is Set to be Hiked

15 Sep 11: The HMWSSB has sent a proposal to the government for approval which states that the tariff for drinking water supplied to domestic and commercial consumers has to be hiked. As per the proposal, the water board has decided to increase the tariffs by Rs.2 to Rs.4 per Kilo Liter (KL) for domestic users, who are consuming drinking water at the present rate of Rs.6 per KL. Under this proposed hike, separate slabs have been created for slum dwellers, domestic users and commercial users.

With this hike, the slum dwellers will be charged Rs.7 per KL and the domestic users in the remaining areas will be charged somewhere between Rs.8 to Rs.10. The board has decided to supply water to the commercial users who are currently getting water at domestic rates at Rs.35 per KL. With these hikes, the water board is expected to incur additional revenue of Rs.200 crore per annum.

Source: Deccan Chronicle