GHMC Neglects Eco Friendly Treatment of Solid Waste Since 11 Years

As per the management of municipal solid waste guidelines (MSW rules, 2000), given by Supreme Court, the municipal bodies are required to adapt scientific and environmental friendly ways of disposal of garbage. It has been 11 years since these rules were formed, and GHMC still has not yet taken measures in implementing these guidelines.

But now, all of a sudden, GHMC has started putting extra efforts in adopting eco-friendly measures for waste management as the city is going to host the very prestigious International Biodiversity Conference of Parties (COP – 11) next year. It will be attended by 12,000 delegates from across 30 countries. This conference applauds various municipal bodies of different cities across the world for taking up the best biodiversity friendly measures and projects.

At present, still the conventional manner of dumping the solid waste is being followed. Except for implementing two bin system (one for solid and the other bin for bio-degradable wet waste) in 26 colonies and ban on plastic below 40 microns, GHMC has no major initiatives to name. The city is yet to implement environmental friendly methods of treatment and disposal of solid waste.

The GHMC is now setting up a system to gather bio-degradable waste from the vegetable markets in the city and send the same to for vermicomposting. The GHMC is signing agreement to collect the waste from Rythu Bazaars in the city and is calling for tenders from the private agencies for setting up vermicompost units which can handle 30 metric tonnes of waste from Rythu Bazaars per day. Later, in the second phase the same process of segregation and vermicomposting will be extended to other wholesale and retail vegetable markets.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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