Retail Outlets Charge Extra Money for Plastic Carry Bags

5 Oct 11: To implement plastic ban effectively, GHMC has given instructions for the retailers and other businesses to use plastic above 40 microns and to charge the customers with a nominal price for these bags. Taking this as advantage, the retailers, small grocery stores and big shopping malls in the city are charging the customers somewhere around Rs.3 (for normal sized bags) to Rs.5 (for 5 kg bags) extra for these bags, whose manufacturing costs actually are as low as 60 paise and Rs.1 to 1.50 respectively. Some high end shopping malls in the city are also charging Rs.7 for their personalized plastic carry bags.

GHMC has said that, as the GO gives freedom to the retailers to collect the money from the customers, though it is unfair, it is uncontrollable.

In this regard, the retail owners have said that, they are charging high on these 40 microns plastic carry bags as after the plastic ban the manufacturers have increased the selling price of these bags and moreover, they are also supposed to pay an additional VAT for these bags.

Source: Times of India