eBay Reveals Online Shopping Behavior of Hyderabadis

eBay census 2011 has revealed the trends in the online buying, selling, importing and exporting all across the country. As per this survey, city stood as the 6th largest e-Commerce hub in the country. The top five cities were Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur and Chennai. Additionally, the country has over 3,311 e-Commerce hubs and the top five states were in this category are Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

As per this survey, the growth in e-commerce in the country is mainly due to metro cities which contributed to 51 percent of the transactions, followed by Tier-II and Tier-III cities which contributed to 40 percent of all transactions and the remaining 9 percent was contributed by the rural areas. The survey also found out that, consumers and entrepreneurs from the rural areas are increasingly getting plugged to e-commerce.

The survey gave a detailed report on online shopping habits of Hyderabad residents, which is as follows.

  • The Hyderabadis are termed as ‘tech savvy residents’ as they accounted for highest share of domestic transactions for buying technology products, also, contributing for highest sales of home appliances.
  • The top 5 domestic products sold in the city are hair trimmers, PC action games, building toys, Men’s underwear, frosted glasses.
  • The top 5 products bought are food storage containers, machine embroidered sarees, sewing machines, emergency lights, kundan Meena jewelery.
  • The top 5 products exported are PC games, Telugu movies, film magazines, dinner sets, ethnic costumes.
  • The top 5 products imported are camera flashes, tablets, vintage car parts, clutches, webcams.
  • The top five popular brands in the city are Nokia, Reebok, Apple, Samsung and Seagate.

Apart for the above trends, on the whole top five brands all across the country in the eBay are Sony, Nokia, Samsung, Apple and Reebok.

Source: The Hindu

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  1. Abhishek Artwani

    I am doing my graduation project on a topic related to the above topic. I am comparing same SEC families of two different cities on their online buying behaviour.
    It would be really of helpful if you can give me some guidance related to the same.

    Also, I want a major help on building a questionnaire for the same.

    Hope to receive your reply.

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    • NN

      Abhishek, all the best with your project. Your request is specific to your needs and we focus on information helpful to lot of people. Suggest you continue researching online and take the faculty help in designing questionnaire. There are a lot of good books on marketing research that will help you design a questionnaire properly.

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