Solutions to Ease Traffic Congestion in Secunderabad Area

At the outset I would like to thank Hyderabad India Online for taking up the issue of Hyderabad and Secunderabad seriously and adding value to the Secunderbad citizens through this laudable effort.

Being born, brought up and STILL living in Secunderabad for the past 41 years , I hereby offer by humble suggestions on the subject mentioned above for your valued perusal. In order to initiate certain amount of civic discipline, The 5 P’s need to work transparently, cohesively and with utmost professional integrity. These are :


Here I request Hyderabad India Online to conduct an open forum in the SECBAD GRID areas involving the Resident welfare associations and also the PUBLIC from various strata of society to instruct the Political representative,Police and Public administrator to follow the majority voice in a democratic voting manner on all issues. These Political[all parties] / Police[Traffic/Crime/RTA] / GHMC /Sec bad Cannot PUBLIC SERVANTS to live their role and take oath in a live recording that they will follow the voice of the majority and implement the larger vision in a time bound manner. All these officials if found to possess assets disproportionate to their income should be penalized by freezing their assets and their assets will be given to Resident welfare association Fund. They have to agree and formulate a law within a month.

Major Hurdles/Bottlenecks:

  • Lack of Political will to comply with actual needs of the citizens and vision 2020.
  • Civic administration legal failures
  • Lack of coordination between R&B, GHMC & Traffic and Crime
  • Civic sense among the citizens
  • Roadside/Pushcart vendors
  • Religion on the road
  • Parking lots
  • Educational Institutions
  • Marriage Halls/ No parking Malls

Possible Solutions:

1. All political parties to keep aside vote bank politics and work for the common development vision given by the public in the open forum

2. It is a known fact that various roadside /push cart vendors fill the coffers of various political leaders- here the R/ PC vendors should be made to realize in this open forum that “WHAT IS ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL AND CANNOT BE LEGALIZED BY VOTE BANK POLITICS “. Special concessions given to Hyderabad central, kalanjali wedding mall, Eenadu buildings,SEC BAD CLUB – ALWAL area Marriage halls /malls should be demolished as a lesson to medium /small sized offenders as these are the ELITE offenders. If ELITE can be punished rest will follow all rules.

3. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation : GHMC : should usher in total accountability and transparency of their works. They should initiate biometric attendance system for all officials and workers. Outsource all work to professional organizations and PAYMENT ON TIME. Any GHMC official found to possess assets disproportionate to their income should be penalized by freezing their assets and their assets will be given to Resident welfare association Fund. They have to agree and given their chair . Integrated On line complaint cell at 12 Municipalities.

4. RTA/CRIME/TRAFFIC to work as a single unit with more powers and direct accountability to citizen complaints.

5. Awareness drive by appointing one officer from the GHMC/RTI/POLICE/ACB as a single Communication Team to visit all Educational Institutions/Govt and Pvt Offices/Marriage halls/Cinema theaters/Malls. Their job is to COMMUNICATE that DO NOT FLOUT RULES AND BE A GOOD CITIZEN.

6. Roadside/Pushcart vendors need to tell them the importance of road widening and how their political bosses are using them for vote bank politics. They should plan their rehab package and do not expect any govt funding. Govt can only give time and THAT’S IT.

7. Religious sites : All religious party panel will act accordingly following the respective religious rites.

8. Schools – All children to utilize school buses and avoid swanky cars and govt cars of their parents. This is more evident at Little flower,St. Anns, HPS, Elite schools and colleges. Revise Timings to 8am to 2 pm.

9. Parking lots – All parking lots that of Airports, Railway, Bus and Pvt malls to be taken over by GHMC and issue common token system given at Eseva previously. We all know most of the parking lots are owned by antisocial elements making illegal living. There is a parking lot mafia in this city. BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

10. Do not demolish any trees in the road widening exercise and make illegal money in the bargain.


1. Habsiguda cross roads to Aradhana theater – 100 ft road is needed

2. Iriset to Mettuguda X roads

3. Mettuguda X Roads to Alugadibavi 100 ft road. This road needs immediate widening asap.

4. Mini crossing opp to Wesley girls school to St.John’s schools to be closed and road to widened to 75 feet till Sangeet cross roads.

5. Gopalpuram Police station to be manned by senior Police officer and should be provided with adequate manpower and latest technologies .

6. No 3 / 4 wheelers to be allowed from Alfa hotel via Monda market till James street police station

7. Remove all pushcart & road side vendors from Keyes high school- Rathifil- Sec’bad Railway station-both sides[Bhoiguda side too] – till Alfa hotel leading to Passport office. THIS IS MOST URGENT.

8. All malls from Sec bad club to Alwal area to be demolished as they are illegal and a new one is coming up at Trimulgherry crossroads which is already choking with this bottleneck. From Alwal bridge to Sec bad club make it 100 ft road both sides

9. The wedding halls in Sikh village and karkhana area to have internal parking lots else demolish them. They cannot use public road as their parking.

10. Remove Patny center Chandana Bros .The authorities have demolished more than required of Mahbub College High School portion- stop this.

11.All marriage halls which cannot provide parking space for 50 cars/100 two wheelers will be closed down with immediate effect.

12.Deccan club to AOC Center needs 75 feet road widening.

13.AOC to picket needs 75 feet road widening.

14.Open areas in Mettuguda,Railway quarters,Balamrai ,etc to be used as auto /bus bays /pvt party parking lots.

15. All citizens/Corporate/Govt offices to start Car/Auto/Bike pooling,Save, Energy,Save Oil,Protect Environment.

16.All wedding halls licenses will be revoked if they do not pressurize their clients not to pollute the area by BURSTING of loud crackers. THIS IS TOP PRIORITY.

Last but not the least ” THERE SHOULD BE AN HONEST AND EFFECTIVE CM TO implement all these above and here we lack a visionary.

I Thank Hyderabad India Online for giving me the opportunity to express my suggestions and God knows How many of these will be implemented!!

NN Ashwin,
Date: 12-Dec-2011.

Note: Any views expressed in the Public Speak section are the views of Hyderabad citizens and not of Hyderabad India Online. You are welcome to contribute your views too. Write to us by filling this form.

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