Watch Out for Influences that Manipulate You to Vote Against Your Interest

In a country where choosing a political leader is important, voters use their voting power to choose their favorite candidate as their leader. Every voter has his/her own pre-plan in utilizing his/her voting power. Sometimes voters use their voting power against their own interest due to influence of some manipulating factors. Politicians manipulate the voters to make wrong choice. Political leaders manipulate the voters with their cunning activities before utilizing their vote.

Some influencing factors that substantially affect the voting pattern are:

Door to door visits
Political leaders catch the voters’ pulses with door to door visits to get their support and thus manipulate their interests too. The leaders directly interact with the voters to know about their issues and problems such as poor civic infrastructure, sanitation, hospitals, drinking water, electricity. They make unrealistic promises too. Good actors can create more positive impression of being energetic, responsive, and caring. Their unreasonable positive promises make them look like better candidates. Looking at these dramas, people start thinking about the leader in a positive way.

Political leaders use long processions to show their strength. These long processions affect the individual’s interests. These long processions project their personality and make them seem to be seriously winnable candidates.

Seeing such long processions, the voters get an impression that those who have the long procession have more winning probability. Thus, they change their voting option. These leaders appear to be better than someone who does not go around in processions and convoys. By most accounts, paid laborers and paid supporters are used to show off the support base of the politician.

Media buzz
People have tremendous faith in the media, to the extent that they decide the things as good or bad on the basis of information furnished by the media. People believe that the media always provides right and useful information; it is absolutely correct (some exceptions). Political leaders maneuver the media to their advantage to reach their voters in a positive way.

Politicians spend huge amounts to advertise themselves as a positive candidate in an effective way to serve their interests. Propagating misleading information continuously, the media can change the voter notion on a particular leader.

If you watch closely various newspapers and print and TV channels, you find that they dedicate their time to particular politicians. They always show the leader in good humor and the opposite one on a wrong footing. Voters get attracted to these media reviews and thus change their voting option.

Fancy promises in manifesto
Politicians or their supports create positive messages that try to manipulate the voters. These messages including the politicians’ agenda and promises after getting power look unbelievable. When voters get the message that has their expected things in that, they start thinking of those leaders in a positive manner and they can change their voting options to them.

Middlemen who project views to you
What the middlemen project are effective in changing the voters interest against their choices. Human is a social animal, sometimes people do things based on others’ suggestions. The middle men project a particular leader in a positive way to show him as a leader. Middlemen projects are very beneficial to politicians, for the middle men belongs to one caste or one region can easily manipulate those groups interest within short time benefits.

Celebrity endorsement
Rallies and public meeting attended by celebrities during electioneering also makes a positive impression on the candidate. None of these really determines if a candidate will be a better representative and keep the people’s interest in the first place; so as to influence you- the voters.

People projecting a candidates’ view because they are on their payroll
Projecting their views with the help of their supporters, the politicians manipulate their agenda and past career records in a positive way. These people are getting benefits from what they project; they are fully dedicated to the jobs of projecting them in effective group discussions or presentations.

Banners/posters or popular songs
Banners and posters represent the politician’s agenda. Banners in different colors influence voters. Politicians projecting their views, agenda and their party agendas on posters and with beautiful quotations of promises try influence voter behavior while exercising their right.

Banners occupy an important place in the streets. Voters see these posters and banners regularly and get motivated to think of that exposed information. Continuous observing of these banners manipulating the individuals’ interest.

Highlighting a candidate through popular songs is an important way to influence the voters’ behavior. These popular songs project the candidate in a positive way to manipulate your individual notion on them.

Film star campaigns
These days’ campaigns drastically affect the individual interests against their choices. Film stars having a great number of fans following are electioneering for the political party they are affiliated to. Their influence is so much that some fans are getting excited to the extent of committing suicide in any event that they don’t like.

Remember the so called stars are heroes or heroines or any character artists in movies only with little concern for the values they campaign for. I believe they know precious little of administration or politics. They are not knowledgeable as far as politics and state craft is concerned. They just get benefits from those leaders. Remember they are stars in acting and not in real life. Stars are unfamiliar to politics. They have little knowledge of what’s happening in real time politics, I feel they support a particular politician or political party for getting personal benefits.

Voters are not aware of the real time politics and follow the film actors’ propaganda and misuse their powerful votes.

I’m confused because in a country where people are well aware of the power of the vote, are misusing their power with these manipulating factors. Watch out for these influences and vote for the right candidate.

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