New Year Raids in Mumbai Resulted in Seizure of Large Amounts of Drugs

3 Jan 12: The Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC) has conducted continuous raids in various parts of Mumbai and seized huge quantities of illegal drugs. In all its raids it has arrested 12 victims (8 Nigerian and 2 Tanzanian nationals) who were found to possess these illegal drugs.

The ANC carried out its 1st raid carried out on December 31st the hideout of Lokhandwala complex in Andheri was raided by the Bandra unit of ANC. This raid resulted in the seizure of 169gms of brown sugar, 33gms of cocaine and also LSD. These were worth Rs.3.5 lakh. It has also caught hold of 8 accused persons for having possession of these drugs.

In its another raid at Milan mall at Santa Cruz (W), 15gms of cocaine worth Rs.60,000 was recovered and 2 Nigerian nationals were arrested.

Further, in a raid at Kala Nagar in Bandra and at Masjid Bunder, 8gms and 10gms of cocaine was recovered from a Tanzanian and Nigerian, respectively.

Source: Times of India