5,000 Road Deaths Registered in Hyderabad and Cyberabad in 2011

The city traffic police reported that in the year of 2011, city roads have registered 5,000 deaths, out of 5 million population in the city. The main causes for this alarming number of deaths as told by the polices are – more number of city residents not adhering to traffic rules, drunken driving, wrong lane driving, high speed driving and teenage driving. Other factors which also have contributed to these many deaths are poor police patrol, insufficient road infrastructure, lack of road safety policies, etc.

As per the statistics revealed, in the month of October, 2011, the Hyderabad Traffic Police have recorded 2,212 accidents, which is a slight decrease from 2,518 in October, 2009. Whereas, the Cyberabad Traffic Police have registered 3,008 accidents in Oct’11 which is much higher than 2,767, in Oct’09.

It was found that both in Hyderabad and Cyberabad, at least 30% of the accidents are reported during the 6pm-12pm.

Source: IBN live