Eight Most Accident Prone Roads in the City

The city traffic police have also identified the eight most accident prone areas in the city based on the number of accidents and deaths (till Oct’11) that take place. They are as follows:

LB Nagar: The area which lies on the Vijayawada highway has stood first recording 249 accidents and 54 deaths in a year. Situated in the city suburbs, it ranks 1st in the city in terms of number of accidents due to many reasons like, multiple curves on the roads, bad roads, lack of dividers and 24 hour truck movement on the road.

Hayathnagar: This area, also situated in the city suburbs, on the Vijayawada highway, is a horror stretch with heavy traffic movement and jams, besides, increased truck movement (especially after 7 in the evening). This area stands second and records 180 accidents and 57 deaths in a year.

Vanasthalipuram: This stretch too situated on Vijayawada highway has recorded 160 accidents, out of which 42 have resulted in deaths, standing as the third accident prone area in the city. The four wheelers and bikers commuting through this stretch are troubled by the narrow roads and high frequency of trucks, leading to high number of accidents.

Banjara Hills: This area of the city records 137 road accidents in year, in spite of its low traffic and highly spacious roads. In fact, these two features are the very reasons for increasing number of accidents, as due to these features make them perfect for late night drifters, party goers (drunken driving) and high speed drivers to test their fast-paced bikes and cars.

Saifabad: The roads in Saifabad are characterized by rash driving, least respect to road rules and irresponsible police patrol teams, make the area stand as the fifth most unsafe driving area, recording 135 accidents a year.

Rajendranagar: This area records 123 accidents in a year. The main causes for the accidents in this area are rash driving, lack of police control, minimal lighting, lack of dividers and reflectors to warn motorists.

KPHB: The Kukatpally region registers 120 accidents in a year due to heavy number of potholes, roads with unequal widths and presence of street vendors on the road space.

Madhapur: Madhapur records 100 accidents a year. Many of the accidents in this area go unnoticed, as most of the techies involve in these accidents who do not like to lodge a complaint and most of the vehicles with registrations from other states and without NOC’s ply on these roads. Narrow roads, heavy movement of share autos and drunken driving are the main reasons for accidents in this region.

Source: IBN live

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