Smokers are More Prone to Kidney Failures

A team of doctors from the city based hospital has conducted a study which revealed that there is a direct link between smoking and renal problems. In addition to the problems associated with lungs and heart (which are common among smokers), smokers also have high chances of getting affected with kidney failures. Moreover, it is found that the smokers who are already affected with heart diseases and have undergone a bypass surgery are still more prone to these kidney problems.

The study which was conducted on a group of 2,275 patients, who underwent bypass surgery, was published in the December issue of Annals of Thoracic Surgery, which is a leading and official journal of thoracic surgeons in USA. As per this study, 80% of the heart patients who underwent bypass surgery are found to be experiencing renal problems too and 14.4% of them were smokers. Only 18% of the heart patients did not report any kidney problems, among which the percentage of smokers was just 8%. It means that 92% of the heart patients with normal kidney functioning are non-smokers.

This team is the first team to analyze the effect of preoperative kidney problem on the results of a bypass surgery through ‘beating heart’ method.