Discount Sales on Branded Products: Frauds That You Should Avoid?

The scene is familiar, a major international clothing brand announces a 40-60% off or one-for-one or one-for-two offer. For a limited time only!

The store is crowded! The trial rooms are busy. It is a struggle to reach the clothes stand for your size because there are so many who want the same thing. The parking space is not enough, you parked on a no-parking area and you need to complete this purchase quickly.

The signs clearly say ‘No exchange/ No return’, still we are drawn to the sale. Like a moth to a fire.

Welcome to the new rip-off
Many people are realizing the quality of the products sold in the sale does not match up to the reputation of the marquee brand. The product becomes useless in a short time; has the durability of the product brought from a footpath. In my own personal experience:

  • A reputed ‘tough’ shoes had cracks on both soles in 6 months of use
  • A pair of marquee jeans shrank 3 sizes after 2 washes. It was so shrunk, it took me weeks before I realized the new jeans is not an old jeans from college days
  • T-shirts shrunk 2 sizes and make you feel like a 2nd grade movie side-kick

No wonder the big name brands say ‘No exchange/ No returns’. Doesn’t your bulb glow now? Doesn’t it feel like the brands knew in advance about the quality of their products? No wonders they created the policy ‘No exchange/ No refund’.

Most interestingly, the product works for a few washes or few months before it degrades. By this time neither can you find the bills nor can you explain why you bought that item in case you find the courage to go back to the store.

It is not to say that all deals are rip-offs. I have had better luck with quality when the deal was not announced outside the store. You walk in to buy something and then you realize there is a sale later. In such situations the quality was much better. Also, when there were a small number of cloth items that were not available in all sizes, looked like something the store genuinely wanted to get of its shop. Again no buzz here and no crowds. Just a corner or shelf in the store with items available only in one color and one size.

Finally, I welcome the brands to please sue me: I know what I am writing here and would be happy for a contest. More importantly, it may just prove that what I am talking is right.