400 Hospitals in the City are 100% Deficient of Fire Safety Measures

An inspection carried out by fire prevention wing of GHMC has found that, of the 556 hospitals (buildings below 15m of height and having a minimum capacity of 50 beds), only 149 hospitals have installed fire safety equipment and have obtained ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the GHMC. Whereas, the remaining 400 hospitals were found to be 100% deficient in all the four parameters of fire safety measures, thus, violating building rules.

The four parameters of fire safety measures are – means to access through approach road, open spaces, means of escape like external staircases and firefighting equipment.

Surprisingly, the above mentioned same deficiencies were found in most of the hospitals during the last inspection conducted by GHMC. In spite of the inspection wing sending repeated reminders, hospitals have taken no action to upgrade their facility with fire safety measures.

With chances of fire accidents to occur are increasing in the hospitals, GHMC has taken the issue seriously and has directed Medical Health Officers of Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts to take effective and strict measures against these hospitals.

Source: Indian Express