Uncontrolled Increase of Liver Disease Cases in the State

Recent statistics presented by the doctors have revealed that the liver diseases in the state as well as in the country are rising alarmingly. Liver diseases are among the top 10 causes of the death in India. It is found that one in every five persons are suffering from one or the other liver complications and around 30,000 deaths every year that in the cities and towns of Andhra Pradesh occur due to terminal liver disease or liver cancers. And if it is to be believed, deaths due to liver complications have surpassed the number of deaths caused by cardiac arrest and diabetes.

In the recent years, the cases of liver diseases are increasing by 20% annually. In addition to this, the cases of tumor arising in fatty liver disease are also increasing.

Moreover, lack of awareness of the symptoms and causes among the people is leading to late diagnosis of the patient (early detection of liver diseases will help in effective treatment of the condition). The statistics also support the above statement, with 70% of the patients seeking medication in the advanced stages when the chances of curing the diseases are negligible.

Further, it is surprising to know that Andhra Pradesh alone needs 1,600 liver transplants a year, of which only 100 are being done due to lack of facilities and expertise in the state hospitals.

These liver diseases are mainly due to the obesity among all age groups and uncontrolled alcohol abuse. In the recent past, there has been a lot of lifestyle changes in the people which is leading to obesity. Among the other causes are depending highly on rice, high preference for fried rice, improper lifestyle, lack of proper exercise, diabetes, hepatitis, alcohol and drug abuse, pregnancy, liver cancers and side effects due to other medications. All these causes have led to obesity related fatty liver disease, with which an estimated 20% of AP population is suffering from.

Doctors say that alcohol abuse is also one of the major reasons for causing chronic liver diseases. Daily consumption of alcohol of 60 ml or more can cause liver damage in the span of 5 years. Consumption of cheap liquor, also consumption of alcohol without diluting with water and improper intake of food lead to alcohol induced liver conditions.

The other main cause that is not letting the liver related deaths to come down is Hepatitis B and C. Moreover, the hepatitis is found to aggravate the liver diseases condition further in the patients. It is found that 60% of the liver cancer patients suffer from Hepatitis B.

The symptoms of advanced conditions of liver damage, cirrhosis are – jaundice or yellowing of skin due to accumulation of bilirubin in the blood, weakness, loss of appetite, easy bruising, fatigue, intestinal bleeding and swelling of feet or abdomen.

Preventive measures
Liver is the vital organ of a human body as it performs about 500 functions of the body. Hence, there is high need to protect it. Doctors suggest various measures such as active lifestyle, restricting alcohol consumption and healthy eating habits to maintain a healthy liver and thus, healthy body.

Source: Times of India