City to Get Intelligent Transport System to Ease Traffic Congestion

GHMC and the traffic department are taking various measures to ease the present traffic congestion on the city roads. In this attempt, GHMC has proposed a concept of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), which will be funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). This Japan company has also prepared a master plan for the project.

GHMC has recently conducted a meeting with RTC officials, traffic department and other officials who are all related with the road and traffic problems. This meeting conducted to discuss the ITS plan and its method of implementation, also raised many issues which are to be corrected.

While discussing each departments future plans and discussions in due of implementation of ITS, GHMC said that it would take up duties such as lane marking and signages in the entire city and other road and buildings (R&B) duties. Likewise, other departments too came up with their plans to ease the present traffic congestion and to support the ITS plan. The RTC officials are planning to come up with more number of bus shelters and also to enhance the present bus shelters which lack basic facilities.

A governmental agency which participated in the meet has requested GHMC to provide pelican crossing on major roads, for which the corporation said that it will look in to the proposal.

Source: Times of India