Petrol Pump Dealers Call-off Strike on April 23

40,000 petrol outlets across the country and 400 petrol bunks in the city are to be remained open as usual on April 23. Federation of All India Petroleum Traders (FAIPT) earlier called for a nationwide one day strike on April 23, so as to pressurize government for accepting their demands and to implement Apoorva Chandra committee report. As the government has accepted for most of the demands, FAIPT had called off the strike.

The government had agreed to the dealers’ demand of increasing their commission and has now fixed the dealer’s commission at 1.49/litre on petrol and 0.91 paise/litre on diesel. The other demand that the IOC, BPCL and HPCL should follow ‘prescribed guidelines’ before opening new retail outlets was also agreed by the government.

The government has also accepted to implement most of the recommendations made in Apoorva Chandra committee’s report.

Source: Economic Times