Coordination among Various Departments Needed to Curb Drug Menace in the City

In view of the rapidly increasing illegal drug peddling in the city, the city police decided to work with other agencies such as Narcotics Control Bureau, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Enforcement Directorate and police departments of other states so as to control the drug menace. The Anti-Narcotics cell is also expected to work on a full-fledged basis soon.

City becoming the upcoming hub for the illegal drug trading, the city police is taking various crucial measures to arrest the drug peddlers. The city police personnel were also given training in Drug Law Enforcement. The police were instructed to keep tab on the movements of the foreign nationals, especially African nationals who frequently travel to Dubai and South American countries. Many of these foreign nationals were arrested in similar cases and were out on bails. They were also found to travel on fake passports; hence police department is taking measures to verify their passport as well as visa details.

Also, the police are suspecting a link between increasing online fraud cases and drug trafficking cases as African nationals were found to be involved in both these cases. The police have reported that in the period from 2009 to 2011, about 28 online fraud cases have been registered in the city, many of them having the involvement of African nationals.

Source: The New Indian Express